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Posted on Monday, April 18, 2022
Kickoff is an AI-enabled, online, exercise, nutrition, and wellness coaching service that combines expert coaches with incredible technology to drive better results for clients. Our technology gives elite coaches super-powers to provide better, more holistic, higher-touch coaching in a fraction of the time usually required online, let alone in-person.
Our mission is to make life-changing coaching accessible for clients and rewarding for coaches.
We team up with coaches to enhance their work with current clients and grow their client-base. We grow coaches’ client bases in two ways: 1) We invest heavily in our coaches by recruiting leads and clients for them via our own paid marketing efforts and 2) We pay our coaches extra for clients they bring to Kickoff since we don’t have to pay for marketing.
We are looking for expert coaches, the best of the best. We are only interested in coaches who can build client trust and transform lives, building years-long partnerships with clients.
We want to see that they can convert and retain clients for years to come with the highest quality coaching. We want to see coaches scale to 50-100 clients over the course of a year.
Kickoff coaches change lives in big ways, at scale. They build incredible workout programming with our tools, guide clients through the program with text message checkins, push clients to log what they’re eating in our app, guide them on how to constantly improve their nutrition, and help them build healthy habits day after day.
The role is super flexible, convenient, and incredibly rewarding, but it’s not easy - getting clients to commit to make changes in their lives and then stick with those changes is hard. Our AI-powered tools make it easier and more efficient than ever before, but it still takes a tremendous amount of skill and passion.
We are looking to bring on caring, empathetic, motivated coaches who want to build their clientele, change lives, and democratize access to quality training and nutrition coaching.


  • Start by recruiting at least 1 client from your network with our tools and more if you want the higher pay that we provide for coach acquired clients
  • Convert leads that we send at a high rate with effective, efficient video calls
  • Drive incredible outcomes with personalized fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs
  • Motivate, inspire, inform, and challenge clients every day via our app, text message, and coach-to-client video
  • Show us that you can maintain high levels of client retention and lead conversion


  • 3+ years of 1-on-1 coaching experience
  • Current personal training or strength and conditioning certification, or 4 year undergraduate equivalent
  • Extremely high emotional intelligence: Able to motivate the most demotivated and difficult clients
  • Expertise in the human body, training, nutrition, and fitness schedule programming
  • Ability to build a compelling coach profile on Kickoff that convinces prospective clients to put their trust in the coach and commit
  • Live in the US or Canada (excluding California, which does not allow for 1099 roles)


  • Advanced strength and conditioning certification, nutrition certification or advanced degree in training or nutrition
  • Experience with startups and/or cutting edge tech
  • Social media maven: Ability to build a brand on the web and acquire customers
  • Sales experience


  • 🚀 Drive impact with 10x projects
  • 🧑‍🔬 Learn with B+ quality & iterate
  • 💜 Support and challenge each other
  • 🪑 Remember the 3 legged stool (client, coach, and company)
  • 🏠 Take ownership
  • 📔 Simplify